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Photo: Jean MOUNICQ

Photo : Jean Mounicq

Paul Mansouroff (Павел Мансуров) is an artist of the Russian Avant-Garde movement of the 1920's. Painter and theoretician, Mansouroff is known for his individualistic non objective paintings that inscribe themselves in the context of the suprematism ideals.

During that period he worked with Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin or Pavel Filonov at the INKhUK in Petrograd. However, he was able to depart from their influence and develop his own style. In his workshop the laws of pure form and non objective construction were studied.

It will be during the 1950s, his french period, that Mansouroff will acquire the greatest recognition when he re-explored  his concept of pictural formule. Some of the works can be seen here.

formule picturale 1962 peinture sur bois 179 x 31 cm

Pictural formula 1962

painting on wood

179 x 31 cm

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